Child Travel Consent

When a child is travelling with only one parent (instead of both), or with another adult, this form is used by the non-travelling parent(s) to give permission for the named adult to accompany the child on the trip.

To be valid, the document must be notarized.

To use this online form, please fill in all of the required fields and submit. Print off when prompted and, assuming all content is accurate, your form is ready to be notarized. We'll have it ready for you when you come to your appointment. Please verify the information before printing as there will be an additional charge for any changes that are required.

Please note that everybody's circumstances may be different, and no information provided on this website is a substitute for seeking professional legal advice.


I ____________ ____________, of ____________, in the Province of Alberta DO SOLEMNLY DECLARE:
  1. I/We am/are the father/mother/parents of:
    , hereby referred to as "the child".
  2. I/We have sole/joint legal custody of the child.
  3. The child is traveling with their ____________, ____________, with my/our full knowledge and consent, for the purposes of a trip from ____________, Alberta in the Country of Canada to ____________.
  4. This trip will commence on or about the ____________ and end on or about the ____________.
  5. I/We appoint ____________ as the child's guardian for the purposes of consenting to emergency medical procedures, during the trip.
  6. If there are any questions regarding this document, I/We the undersigned, can be reached via telephone at ____________ .
AND I/We make this solemn declaration, conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath.

DECLARED BEFORE ME at the city )
of Edmonton, in the province )
of Alberta, this _________ )
day of _______________, _______ ) _______________________
) _______________________
A Notary Public for the )
Province of Alberta )

Once you have completed your travel consent letter, contact us to schedule an appointment to come in and get it notarized!